Why Health Clubs and Fitness Centers Need Security Cameras

CCTV in Health Center

Why Health Clubs and Fitness Centers Need Security Cameras

Gyms, health clubs, and the fitness centers see the influx of lots of visitors, existing and entering all day long. People also bear this mentality that gym members are financially strong and stable since they can invest in something like an annual gym membership. This outlook is mainly persistent of the gym and fitness centers that are situated in the posh and upscale neighborhoods or the ones that boost more exclusive memberships. These factors are enough to put the visitors who are always on the go and or are completely submerged in their daily workout in the periphery of various acts of crime.

Cost Considerations

The health clubs and the fitness centers are grounded and functioning on rigid business models where business owners, administrators and managers need to be extra cautious of the cost factor when putting in place the state-of-the-art security video surveillance systems money can buy.

Security as well as Safety Considerations

Under the large umbrella of the responsibilities of the gym authorities, there lies not the security of the premises but also the safety of the numerous aspects that clubs the world of fitness centers. From the members which are the center of attraction of the gym centers to the car parking, changing rooms, gym equipment which are integral to the business and lockers, it is quintessential for the gym owners to ascertain the safety of the beach, which is only possible with the installations of great security infrastructure one could ask for.

Sure Secure Gym, Health Centers and Fitness Clubs Security Systems

Sure Secure is one-of-a-kind distributors of the exceptional quality, technologically advanced and market updated security and surveillance systems and devices and thus offers a wide range of external and internal video surveillance cameras that blare out and alerts the gym owners based on the motion detection.

But the experts of Sure Secure feel that only the installation of CCTV cameras will not fetch you many results, it is important that the gym owners take into consideration the incorporation of other security devices and systems that work in tandem with the video surveillance systems to offer the premises the best safety and protection.

Gym Safety Solutions

Verox 4 in 1 Vandal-proof Bullet Camera

In order to secure the interiors of the gym, changing rooms and locker rooms, gym owners can keep a constant eye over the member entering, existing and working out with Verox 4 in 1 Vandal-proof Bullet Camera with 2MP resolution and 1080P picture quality. Gym owners and managers can keep a watch over the activities happening in the changing rooms (wide free space not the booths) and the lockers rooms holding the personal belongings of the members.

Videoteknika Speed Dome Cameras

The car parking space is the region which is completely out of the watch of the gym owners. So even if something suspicious is happening there, the chances are slim that gym owners would be able to detect it firsthand. One great way to remedy this is to install Videoteknika Speed Dome Cameras around the car parking space as well as around the entire gym premises which features2MP resolution, 1080P picture quality, 4- 120mm lens and 120m distance recording capacity at night. This way you are not only putting your car parking space under the watchful eyes of the speed dome camera for the day but also at night.

Fermax 1&2/W Video Way Slim Kit

Another measure you can take to secure the interiors, as well as the exteriors of your gym, is to install an exceptional quality door entry, allowing entry of only the authorized personnel and members in the gym.

  • With the 1-way video door entry that this Fermax 1&2/W Video Way Slim Kit features, gym owners can grant access to the gym only to the verified people
  • 4,3” TFT SLIM WAY monitor can offer a rather clear vision of what is happening outside
  • A solid hood is effective in covering the outdoor panel during rainy reasons

This isn’t all we have.

At Sure Secure you will find a rather detailed collection of bullet cameras, dome cameras, and access control systems for gyms, fitness clubs and health centers which you can explore here https://www.suresecure.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/catalogue-no-prices2.pdf