What is Network Video Recorder System and it’s Advantages?

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What is Network Video Recorder System and it’s Advantages?

Network video recorder or NVR is famous among the people of all generations because of its wireless feature.  Today’s highly advanced and modern people are in a search of technology that can only offer them comfort and no tensions. So who wants to take the unnecessary load of congested wires? Keeping this mind, we have for you the network video recorder system that provides a wireless connection. There were those days when we were always in a search of a router or Ethernet to connect to the Internet. That makes your place is being just surrounded by a huge number of cables all-around. With the invention of NVRs, it’s the perfect time to get rid of those infinite cables. NVRs only contain one wire and that is the power cable.

We, Sure Secure provide the highly advanced and the latest NVRs systems at market competitive prices. We have the best and high-quality security systems from some of the leading brands in the industry.  So, let’s step forward and peep into the detailing of what exactly NVRs are.

What is a Network Video Recorder?

Network Video Recorder is a camera recording system that works on the principles of complete Internet Protocol and is popularly used in Internet Protocol video surveillance systems.  It is a networking camera that provides services of recording of live videos and later watching the recorded images. To capture video the NVRs make use of the special software on a dedicated device. The system works simultaneously as it first snaps pictures and it then broadcast videos through the network. All its recordings get stored in the USB drive, disc drive, SD card, and other storage spaces.

Network Video Recorder can be easily and remotely managed over the Internet or LAN, providing complete flexibility to its users.

What are the advantages of Network Video Recorder (NVR)?

Network Video Recorder is designed with the latest technology that it can perform all functions at the same time. It may include record, view remotely, playback, administrate and take backup also. So here are the advantages of having a Network Video Recorder.

  • It can locally monitor all the cameras that are connected in the network with a single device, thus excluding the need of a server.
  • It has a feature that enables the user to take backup of recordings of various cameras.
  • With the highest technology, it records at lower bit rate during no activity period, thus, saving up to 50% of the storage.
  • It provides instant notifications. It can notify any person, no matter where he is located in real-time.
  • It also provides service of calling from mobile apps, but to the person whose number is linked to the particular camera in the NVRs.
  • It offers two-way audio services for better communication to its users. One can listen to the audio from the camera’s end and further can speak to the other person. Thus, it ensures the safety of the place by knowing the person and its purpose of arriving.
  • With the help of Multi-OS Support the cameras can be reviewed and can also be rewind.
  • A network video recorder also supports an overwhelming range of software applications and optional video analytics.

This is all about today. We hope we have provided you with satisfactory information about the network video recorder.