Vivico Camera

When the security and safety of our belongings come on the stake, then money has no role to play. Security is the main component for a happy and peaceful life but the current scenario where crimes rates are on the hike like market prices, being completely safe has become a topic of great concern. No criminal or intruder has on his forehead written that he will commit a crime or theft, so by looking around at the people, we can’t judge what the other person is up to. This is when the role of security surveillance becomes essential.
Your manual defense system may miss a glance of something or someone suspicious, but Sure Secure’s wide range of Vivico 4k CCTV cameras are designed with the latest and highly advanced features that catch even the slightest movement. Their features are as follows-

1. Vivico 4k CCTV cameras have a high resolution of 1080p of captured pictures.
2. It benefits you with a video resolution of 3840 x 2160 to 4096 x 2160 pixels.
3. Vivico Hd camera works best for the security of large areas such as parking, warehouses, farmhouses, factories, or even for big houses.
4. Vivico CCTV camera not only offers high-quality footage for real-time security but a particular image in the recording can also easily zoom in for later analysis.
5. Vivico Hd camera is designed in a way that it even handle fast moving objects.

These are the reasons that make Vivico Hd camera the best of all, as the traditional CCTV surveillance camera offers a resolution of 704 x 480 at best, thus making Vivico CCTV installation a must in your premises.
We, Sure Secure are serving our people from last plenty of years with services of installation, replacement, repair, maintenance and so much more! We are renowned for our effective and efficient services. For us, quality has always been a priority. So you need not worry about the longevity of our cameras. We are the certified suppliers of leading manufacturers in the security industry like Vivico, Serage, Verox, Fermax, Texecom and a lot more.
Therefore, come to us for Vivico CCTV installation. Our professional team is here to guide, train and assists you with Vivico CCTV camera’s features, operations, and usability. Get in touch with us via mail or give us a call at 0203 916 5860





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