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Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions for Your Home and Business

In this technologically advanced and digitally driven world, the security and the safety of even the little treasures of our life remain at stake at all points in time. The crime rates and the cybercrimes have pushed people to be more aware and cautious of their surroundings and to put their surroundings under the watchful and keen eyes of the technology-laden video surveillance solutions. Sure Secure is the UK’s NO.1 CCTV solutions supplier, Shepperton CCTV Installer, and maintenance services providers of IP and analogue CCTV cameras, access control systems and video recorders. We are helping people across the major cities of the UK fulfil their security needs and surveillance requirements with an array of Home, Business and Industrial Security Solutions.

Sure Secure is recognized as the security engineering company with an upper hand in designing, structuring and installing custom video surveillance solutions to meet neck-to-neck with every customer’s specific requirements. We have with ourselves working as the full-time employees, high qualified and efficiently trained technicians and Shepperton CCTV Installers shadowing extensive years of experience in the security sector and handling a wide range of projects in the plethora of area stretching from small establishments, individual companies and multi-location spaces.

Sure Secure is expanding their wings each year to have under their reach the expertise and the resources to offer a wide assortment of security systems, equipment and gadgets hailing from the renowned manufacturers of the industry. We have under our competence and proficiency, the ability to offer and install products including CCTV cameras, both IP and analogue, featuring 1080p, 4k resolution, DVRs, NVRs, wired as well as wireless intruder alarm systems, video-enabled access control systems, Wifi enabled doorbell cameras, all-in-one camera testers, wireless bridges, 4K LED monitors, to cables, power supplies and connectors to make your security system installation as smooth as possible.
We are authorized suppliers and Shepperton CCTV Installer of the most sought-after video surveillance manufacturers in the security sector such as Serage, Videoteknika, Verox, Fermax, Flir, and Texecom. We are the security engineering video surveillance leaders with the most advanced surveillance technologies and the dedicated network of 1000+ subscribers from residents, business owners and industrial personnel. Our remote monitoring solutions have picked up a lot of demand recently helping the customers dig up the live video of their premises in real time from their mobile phones from any location in the UK.
If you too are planning to give your premises an extra layer of protection and safety, then we would like to help you out in ascertaining the right choices and options.
Get in touch with the professionals of Sure Secure and give them the chance to help you out with your security needs.





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