Safe and Smart Apartment Complex Living | 7 Security Tips

Apartment Complex Living Security

Safe and Smart Apartment Complex Living | 7 Security Tips

You are the owners of your own security and safety. Though people claim that they are always there to protect you, the fact of the matter is that they will be there until they aren’t on the verge of danger themselves. Finding a new home is one of the most complex, highly exhausting and painstakingly daunting tasks one has to go through. What is downright painful is finding a house that stands tall and strong on all the security parameters one deems necessary of his/her safety.

Apartment complexes which are situated in a sophisticated and posh locality are extremely high on the security specifications boasting a highly advanced network of security systems, a concierge for everyone’s welcome and watch keepers to restrict the entry of all the unauthorized and unwelcomed people. But not everyone gets the privilege to find a home in one of these upscale apartment locations. The rest have to make amends with the less favorable apartment locations.

The location of an apartment complex can sometimes pose serious security issues for the renters. Giving up your security just on the few perfectly orchestrated and practiced sales words of the property owners can land you in deep trouble. The reason why it is always advisable to first do your proper due diligence of the property and discuss the security measures the authorities have been taking of the apartment complex with the landlord before signing a lease, since the landlords are only accountable, answerable and subjected to the terms and conditions that are mentioned in the lease agreement that you have already signed.

Important Apartment Complex Living Security Tips 

  1. When you are deciding on the apartment complex location, try visiting the location of the apartment complex both at day and night to fully grasp in the ambiance and the feel of the neighborhood and try to gauge whether or not you are feeling safe in that locality.
  2. Once you have finalized the apartment you are renting, go through the lease agreement once and give it a thorough inception. Locate all the security and surveillance options they are giving and make sure they are working to the best of their capability.
  3. Once you shift install a simple hanging door alarm which you can find on Sure Secure. It is extremely easy to install. The door alarm system hangs on the doorknob and when the outside of the doorknob is touched by anyone, an alarm is triggered.
  4. Intruders and burglars sneak around and into the apartment in the apartment complexes which are really poor on lighting. Therefore, when finalizing your new apartment, don’t forget to go all FIB with the entrances, hallways, walkways, parking areas, elevators, stairways, mail areas, and laundry rooms to cement the fact that they are highly lit and installed with proper lights.
  5. Lights that can detect motion, motion sensors are also a standard security equipment people have installed around their house these days. Apartment renters can too have them installed around the entrance giving intruders next to no chance to put their intentions into action.
  6. Replace all the locks since in all the newly built apartments a spare key of all the apartment locks stays with the owners. Thus it is safe to have them all replaced even though your landlord says they are brand new and was just replaced. This will give you a peace of mind that it is only you who can have the access to your own apartment and not everyone else.
  7. The last one though looks lame is highly effective. When you are out of your apartment use timers for the radios, televisions, and lights so that the apartment looks occupied.

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