Let’s Enter the World of Panoramic Fish eye Surveillance Cameras

Let’s Enter the World of Panoramic Fish eye Surveillance Cameras

The boom in the security and surveillance CCTV cameras industry has also brought with itself some of the magnificent inventions in the field which have yet to reach the eyes and the interest of the people who are the followers and the torchbearers of personal and corporate safety. With every kind that has surfaced in the past so many years, the specification features and the distinguishing elements that put them class apart have also taken a toll. Manufacturers have not left any stone unturned in developing the variegated varieties of the surveillance systems and gadgets that can fit and work installed even from the minutest corners of your home or the most hidden passageways at your office.

The rate with which the crime rate is escalating in our country and the most astonishing and astounding ways in which the intruders and thefts have decided to breach the privacy and the security of the sanctity of your home and professional space have urged manufacturers to come with the most impeccable of security solutions excelling both the infrastructure and the functionality front. With the types of Security and Surveillance systems gracing the online and the offline markets, consumers have been more than inclined towards the prospects of what they are capable of bringing to the table.

The center of the utmost attraction these days are the fisheye cameras, which have been abbreviated with lots of different names over the years, but sticking to the technical terms, here we have a Panoramic or the 360-degree cameras that can offer 180 degrees and 360-degree panoramic viewing angle.

1. The Fisheye/ Panoramic cameras are laced with the Dewarping Technology that works by eliminating any kind of image distortion happening in the picture or the video so captured.

2. The Dewarping Technology is a technology so used for the perspective correction of an image, to pull back the effects of the geometric distortions caused by the lens of the camera.

3. Another feature that is a quintessential part of the Fisheye/ Panoramic cameras is ePTZ.

4.ePTZ is the digital form of PTZ which can successfully carry out the Pan/ Tilt rotation without the mechanic rotation structure supporting it.

5. The Fisheye/ Panoramic cameras are available in different types. They either use a combination of multiple image sensors or a single fisheye, ultra wide angle lens.

360-degree fisheye cameras offer 360 degrees surround view with bling spots ideal for high-security surveillance applications that require expanded area coverage in a single shot.
180-degree fisheye cameras offer 180-degree surround view ideal for installation on walls, and in corridors at your home or office space

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