Impressive Advantages of Panoramic/Fisheye Security Cameras Discussed

Impressive Advantages of Panoramic/Fisheye Security Cameras Discussed

We think it would be right to say that the surveillance cameras, video analytics, and the video management all are in the center of the whirlwind of the most advanced and impeccable technology revolutions. The concrete evidence of such magnificent development is the faster, high-definition, responsive, more intelligent and cutting-edge resolution solutions surfacing in the market, not to track aside from the highly competitive prices at which they have been made available for consumption to the public.

Going by the banging boom in the security and surveillance CCTV market and the statistics that are in complete agreement with what we are saying, the Panoramic or the 360-degree cameras and the surveillance technology would see a significant increase in its demand and the subsequent supply over the next few years. Manufacturers and the retailers are in complete tandem with the increasing acts of theft, intrusions, and vandalism and thus can exploit the growth of such technological capabilities by digging foot dipper in the sands of high-end and cost-effective camera systems that are not only best-in-class but are also more than necessary.

The conventional pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) CCTV and surveillance cameras though are highly proficient in capturing the narrow field of view and the things in motion; they, unfortunately, lack the zoom functions within the recorded images. The panoramic or the 360-degree cameras put in use the fisheye lens with the help of the dewarping technology to take in the complete left to right visual or scene before it, removing the traces of blind spots along with it.

The dewarping technology allows the security professionals to pan, tilt and zoom through the entire scene without any difficulty.

Though the all-seeing eye cameras are catching the eyes of the customers, there are still things that people need to understand and take in in reference to the growing popularity of this booming security system technology.
Let’s dig right in!

  1. Reason number one and the most obvious one as to why one should opt for the fisheye CCTV cameras is the ultra-wide coverage they offer courtesy of the 180 and 360-degree field of view they offer.
  2. With the expanded recording of a large area in a single shot, a single outdoor panoramic surveillance camera is sufficient to keep an eye over the suspicious activities that might happen outside your residential or business property, instead of you spending more on the installation of multiple IP cameras to cover the entire property.
  3. With the image distorting feature, you will get the complete 360-degree view of the scene with the utmost clarity, ensuring no single detail would get by without you noticing it at once.

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