Sure Secure is a UK based security and surveillance systems provider which shells out a large variety of electronic security systems and offers a much-appreciated customer support. CCTV or any other form of surveillance system is said to be fruitful only if it provides the owner with a clear and detailed footage. If one can’t decipher what’s going on in the video or if the image displayed is blurry or distorted, the entire purpose of putting up a security system gets crushed. Sure Secure paying heed to this conundrum only deals with HD quality security systems and provide HD CCTV Installation services to clients in Windsor, Berkshire and London.
Sure Secure deals in HD CCTV installation services for both residential and domestic applications. Covering the boundaries of a single unit and multi-site camera configuration, our technical team is proficient in developing and setting up security systems that fully fulfilevery surveillance security needs. We take pride in calling ourselves a highly recommended company that follows“SERVICE FIRST, PROFIT NEXT” philosophy. Our commitment to “deliver the best and receive the best” has pushed us towards building and modifying our security product designs incessantly to achieve the client satisfaction.

Banking on the skills and expertise of our long-time workers and installation professionalswhom we call our companions, our services also extend to HD CCTV Installation. Our committedly trained and technically advanced installation engineers pay undeterred attention to the requirements of the clients and fully make sure that the HD CCTV cameras that support up to 1080p resolution are installed right and working optimally in the first go. After the timely installation, our engineers are trained to impart thorough training and understanding of the working of the surveillance cameras to corroborate error and trouble-free operation.
The demand for surveillance security systems is on the rise with everyone stretching from public entities, private communities to individuals vouching for these modern era security devices. For clients that do not boast much knowledge about this arena, let us shed some light on what are the various components that one should look out for and inspect when having an HD CCTV installed for the first time. Ideally, these are the devices you’ll need for the security system to work and give results as planned.

  • HD or IP CCTV Camera
  • Wiring, to transmit the video from the CCTV to the DVR
  • To process, analyze and record the video feed, a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or Network Video Recorder (NVR).
  • Hard Drive or Hard Disk to store the recorded videos

Make your home more secure and protected by browsing through the wide range of HD CCTV cameras and advanced electronic security systems from Sure Secure.





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