Ever Heard of 1080n Resolution? Let’s Talk About It!

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Ever Heard of 1080n Resolution? Let’s Talk About It!

We know that as of now, you have only heard about the 240p, 320p, 720p, and the highest definition resolution 1080p. But have you ever heard of the 1080n resolution? I guess not!

I know how difficult it sometimes becomes to choose between the plethora of resolutions floating in the market pertaining to the CCTV cameras one should buy for their resident, business and industries. The technical jargons that are often rendered when detailing the specifications of the security and surveillance gadgets are often mind-boggling and confusing.

The professionals of the Sure Secure, the leading Security and Surveillance systems and gadgets providers are here to shed some light on the rather new specification that has picked up the pace in the last few months accompanied by the boom in the security and surveillance technological advances and diversity.

Video Resolution plays a quintessential role in effectively determining the competitiveness and the ability of the CCTV cameras to stay abreast of what all is happening around the property or the region for the protection of which the CCTV cameras are installed.

We are well versed with 1080 P resolution which is the most effective and the clearest of video resolutions with unparalleled and unbeatable picture quality a camera can offer, what we suggest is the complete mystery to you is the 1080N and what major specifications does it hold.

When we take a rather detailed sneak-peak at the resolutions that give form to the TV pictures and video, we often sit down and wonder the technology behind the formation of these beautifully orchestrated videos and images

  • TV Resolutions is the careful assimilation of the small tiny square-like dots known as the pixel.
  • The resolution of an image defines the size and the aspect ratio.
  • The 720 resolution in terms of the size and the aspect ratio is the 1280X720 P
  • The 1080 P resolution which is the most effective of all gives out around 1920 X 1080 pixels.
  • 4k outputs at 3840 x 2160 pixels whilst 8k renders 7680 x 4320 pixels

Now let’s come straight down to the one on which this entire blog stands, the 1080 N resolution.

  • It is not that you are not aware of what 1080 stands for. You all are aware that 1080 deciphers one thousand and eighty pixels tall and one thousand nine hundred and twenty pixels wide. This is the output that 1080 P renders. In the 1080N the resolution gets turned on its side.
  • The 1080 N format uses the one thousand and eighty pixels as the width and the nine thousand and sixty as the length of the video.
  • So must be wondering from where these 960 pixels have come from.
  • The width of the 1080P resolution when flipped over gets cut in half and is the new height of the 1080N.
  • This new setting gives the images a new and interesting 9:8 ratio with stellar picture quality.

There is no apparent graininess or noise to the picture just the square version of the format that we have grown to love.