CCTV Camera: Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) Technology

CCTV Camera: Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) Technology

It usually happens when we take pictures or videos in the dark there are black and white spots that mar the surface of the images and the pictures were taken. This is the most common phenomenon that takes place when pictures are captured and videos are taken using the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras, digital CCTV cameras, camcorders, and another n number of CCTV Cameras that are put into use in the low light or dark settings. But, fortunately with the boom in digital technology security and the surveillance sector is met with the breakthrough features and elements that make them shine out in almost all weather conditions and light settings.

Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) Technology is one such technology that is now gracing the detailed specifications and functionalities of the surveillance system eradicating this dark and white spots flaw from the CCTV cameras set in the low light settings. Adding another cherry on the top of this technology-laden cake is the direct courtesy the feature does to the image and the video size and indirectly to the storage space on your hard drive which is saved by large numbers because of the clearer and clutter-free images it captures.

Let’s Talk About DNR Technology a Bit in Detail

But First Let’s Discuss the Problem

What is Noise?

Have you ever taken pictures outside in the dark or at the places where the source of lighting is lacking? You must have noticed that the pictures so captured are filled with dark and white spots making the pictures a bit grainy? This spotted flaw in the picture so obtained is called the noise which makes the pictures unclear.

Noise in the technical terms can be defined as the interference or the disconnection in the signal. It can be a noise of any kind, a white noise, a random noise or the coherent noise produced by the algorithm of the device.

The direct causes of noise,

  • Low light setting
  • Close by power interference
  • Heat influence
  • Defect on the CCD (Charge Coupled Device)


What exactly is DNR Technology?

  • DNR Technology is quintessential for clearer and refined images and videos.
  • Charge Coupled Device on the CCTV cameras is laced with an image sensor that eliminates the grainy and noise effect from the CCTV cameras.
  • This noise removal from the images paves way for clearer and pellucid images.
  • DNR technology makes it convenient for the clear images to be captured in the parking lots, or for the forensic scenes.

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