Benefits of HD-TVI

Friday 13th October 2017
Installation is Simple
HD-TVI means no IP-networking required! HD-TVI installs much the same way as typical analog CCTV cameras or analog video security systems. There is no complex network infrastructure, so your installation time is cut in half when compared to installing an IP video security system.

Megapixel HD Resolution
HD images are capable of providing detail and zoom capabilities for license plate identification and facial recognition. HD-TVI enables you to zoom in on video for closer look and produces high-resolution images.

Lower Costs
HD-TVI cameras offer HD quality resolution at a fraction of the cost to HD megapixel IP cameras. There is no expensive network infrastructure to worry about with HD-TVI. HD-TVI is simply a more cost-effective surveillance system when compared to an IP security solution.

No Latency
HD-TVI allows you to monitor HD video in real-time without transmission delays. IP solutions are known to have latency during real time viewing. Live video feeds means you see live video without lag time. You do not have to worry about missing any details due to transmission delay.

Minimal Cable Requirements
HD-TVI delivers fast HD video with a high signal quality. If you have existing cable or wiring such as ( Cat5/6 cables and RG59 coax cable), you can take advantage of it since HD-TVI works with both. Utilizing existing cabling to transmit your HD-TVI video allows you to save a tremendous amount on installation and cabling costs.

Longer Transmission Distances
HD-TVI transmits HD video up to 1600 feet. Simply by using RG59 cabling you will receive three times the distance of standard IP camera systems. HD-TVI allows for great transmission distances over any cable quality or coax. HD-TVI is the the perfect solution for those complicated long wire runs.

Upgrade Friendly
HD-TVI recorders are compatible with existing CCTV analog cameras and cables. This makes the transition to HD much simpler.

Analog Compatible
HD-TVI recorders allow you to also record video from existing analog cameras so you can save money by keeping existing cameras.