Bank Security Systems and Equipment By Sure Secure

Bank Security Systems

Bank Security Systems and Equipment By Sure Secure

Sure Secure has always been a step ahead and proactive in giving their customers what they think they might need in the future. They strive to fulfil the overflowing security needs and demands of the clients sprouting from the different sectors, institutions and industries, putting forth the best-in-class and one of kind CCTV cameras, access control systems and video surveillance gadgets to fulfil the security and safety needs of the businesses, residents and industries to perfection. Adding to this mirage is the wide spectrum of security systems that we boast to keep the operations and internal functioning of the private and government banks and other financial institutions smooth and forever streamlined.

The Numbers Say It All

Banks are always at the risk of vandalism, theft and robbery. They are the most prone and vulnerable to the increasing acts of crime that are indeed always topping the news bulletins.

  • In the last two months, there have been almost 14, 248 reported cases of robbery in the UK
  • There were 88 bank robberies committed in the year 2015 in the UK

Though from the year 2015, the downward trend in the number of bank robberies has been brought to light, few cases of theft and vandalism can still be reported each year, calling for the solid set up of the security infrastructure in the banks.

Setting up bank security is very complex that inculcates highly strategized and systematic planning after taking into consideration the challenging and the regulated environment the banks are always contending with.

Factors to Consider When Setting Bank Security

  • Government Rules and Regulations pertaining to the bank security
  • A complex network of diverse and distributed systems
  • A diverse range of locations – branches, ATMs, operational centres, and corporate offices

High-EndBank Security Solutions By Sure Secure

Sure Secure is a one-stop destination in case you are in search of highly advanced and technology laced bank security solutions like a drive-up system, secure vault doors, audio systems, video surveillance systems, burglar, fire and temperature alarms or highly proactive motion detectors.

We are filled to the brim with the right product to meet your bank security needs to the T.

  • Sure Secure offers itsbanking clients to significantly reduce the fraudulent losses and establish a solid and precise video-based business intelligence
  • Our wide range of Video Surveillance Products are designed to help you monitor and track frauds backed by high image quality video evidence
  • A centralized monitoring system will help the financial institutions to manage all the security systems from one location
  • Our DVRs and IP cameras are enriched with the highly satisfying and purpose-built data protection feature to safeguard your video footage during the power cuts, hard drive failures, and network connectivity issues.
  • Ensure the safety and security of your bank assets, resources, customers and employees by incorporating your ATM branches, locations and the machines with the high-performance ATM cameras that will instantly capture the scene even in the worst of lighting conditions.
  • Digital video surveillance systems are more than qualified in achieving the advanced forms of data recognition. Track the video footage of a specified period, for specific bank transactions and the video footage of guilty individuals.

Get in touch with the trusted source for all your bank security needs today and let us known of your needs.