Are your family decal stickers giving away your family information?

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Are your family decal stickers giving away your family information?

A home full of children can never be dull and silent, each day you will get to witness there most creative and naughtiest activities.  One of the activities that most of the children do is sticking on their family photographs and names either on their home windows or doors. But have you ever wondered that these funny and cute personalized family   door or window stickers can reveal a lot about your family to the strangers? Yes, to your great surprise this innocent act of your children can give away a plenty of information to the one who needs it the most.

Intruders and robbers are always in the hunger of vital information about your family and the easiest way in which they get it is by your children revealing it themselves. According to the studies of the safety experts, it is found that revealing your family interests and hobbies through the representation of decal stickers can be of great danger for your family members.  Let’s see how your family decal stickers can be of great concern for your family.

  1. Your stickers disclose your life

Most of us don’t realize that these stickers and decals could become a medium of revealing a lot about your family information to a stranger that you may never tell yourself. May be the simple display of something that we consider as cute or beautiful could be a bit of information that a criminal requires to piece together a plan to victimize your family.

  1. Criminals don’t think like honest citizens

For an honest citizen these innocent decals and stickers are not at all a matter of great concern or a matter of worry.  For them it is a portrayal of their family bond and love. But criminals don’t think that way; they are always in a look to fetch information about the family they have targeted. May be your stickers help him get the information to use it against your family or assist him in committing the crime.

  1. What Decals and Stickers really say?

It may surprise you that stickers can inform a lot to a stranger about your family that you may never tell to a stranger yourself. Lets’ see what they really reveal.

  • It tells how many people are there in your family
  • It reveals about you being a single parent or not, even about our gender.
  • Tell the name of your child’s school and his friends
  • It reveals identity the gender of your child
  • It tells whether you have a gaming systems, tablets, and computers in the home
  • Reveals the age ranges of your children
  • Shows whether you have a dog guarding your frontiers and also about his size and breed
  • Suggest whether you vacation frequently or far away from your home
  • Assist intruders about the presence of expensive tools, equipment, or gear stored in the home
  1. How can you secure your house then?

Off course we can’t stop all the crimes but we can for sure be more cautious about our family security. We can’t stop our children from doing whatever they do, but off course we can peacefully teach them about the consequences of the things done. For more safety and security it is advisable that you should safeguard your house with an impeccable security infrastructure. Security alarms can be great help as they can inform you whenever there is any need of caution or care.

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