Are Wireless CCTV Cameras Any Useful?


Are Wireless CCTV Cameras Any Useful?

This is one of the most frequent questions that consumers ask when out and about for a CCTV Camera shopping. If their decision to buy the wireless CCTV camera any good? Or are they making any mistake stepping into this side of the security and surveillance CCTV cameras fence?

To answer the queries of the people who feel a bit apprehensive before opting for a wireless CCTV camera, the experts of Sure Secure has grounded up a blog detailing the various semantics of the wireless CCTC cameras and how they effectively serve the purpose of security meets convenience.

What is Wireless CCTV Cameras?

Contrary to the traditional CCTV cameras that need to be wired to an electric source to work and take support of the video cables to transmit the video signal to a viewing device, like a monitor or a television screen, the wireless CCTV Cameras in order to transmit the audio or video signal do not need the support of the video cables, they can efficaciously carry out this job over an internet connection or the other wireless network to a viewing device connected to the wireless CCTC Camera.

sr_619161How Are Wireless CCTV Cameras better in Comparison to Wired CCTV Cameras?

Before we get straight to the point, let us first queue you in on one of the facts that people have understood all wrong. When we talk about the wireless part of the CCTV Cameras, we are predominantly talking about the “network” aspect of it, to boot up the cameras you will surely need to connect the camera to the power source for which you’ll definitely need a power cable.

Now coming back to the main topic, which is, why Wireless CCTV Cameras hold more inclination of the people than the wired ones, refer to the below section where we have differentiated the two based on the following aspects,

  • Reliability
  • Installation Time
  • Flexibility
  • Network Signal
  • Aesthetics

 What are the Benefits of the Wireless CCTV Cameras?


This one is actually the major drawback of the wireless CCTV Cameras. They massively lack on the reliability front. Since with them, the transmission of the video and audio signal happens over the network, the chances of the network privacy and breach are paramount. Any third party wireless signal and broadcast provider can easily get in our network and pose a problem.

#Installation Time

The major advantage of the wireless CCTV cameras is that they are very easy to install as compared to the wired CCTV cameras. This is because the wireless ones are connected to the Wifi network to transmit, thus the trouble of running plethora of cables from the video cables to the camera is greatly minimized.


Since the hassle of connecting the camera to the receiver is eliminated, this puts the wireless cameras on the periphery of lots of consumers for the kind of flexibility it offers to the people. They can be easily installed anywhere you’d like to, covering even the most minuscule of areas around your property.

#Network Signal

Well on the network signal front, the wired CCTC Cameras pose more advantages in comparison to the wireless ones, since with them you don’t have to worry about the loss of internet and no network access. While on the other hand, the wireless security systems completely rely on wifi signal to work, thus it is inevitable to make them work without it.


Wired CCTV Cameras seems more like confusion than a normal CCTV camera with a web of cables that surrounds them. With the wireless CCTV Cameras, there is no such case which instantly offers them the visual appeal they deserve.

Sure Secure is filled up to the neck with a wide range of both wired and wireless security and surveillance on which you can take a look at to find the most suitable one for either your home or business.