6 reasons to upgrade to a full HD Security System

Tuesday 10th October 2017
Everyone has their own reasons for surveillance, for you it may be purely business, stock and product value or it could be premises location; whatever the reason, we are sure you want the best equipment experience you can afford. Investing in better surveillance with high definition video in an integrated security system is now very affordable and in the event of needing it, the HDTV is forensic level quality.

Existing Analog systems are becoming obsolete — Low-definition camera systems and DVRs are beginning to reach their end of life. The new, sharp HD CCTV surveillance equipment has proven to be more reliable, ultra-convenient and now are almost cost equivalent.

Cost-effectiveness — Not only can the newer HD CCTV system manage the video surveillance requirements of a company, it also can store much more information, making stored images sharper and allowing longer back-ups and recording times.

Reliability/Durability — Our video surveillance systems have proven to be faster and more reliable than older systems.

Forensic level Image Quality — Unbelievable image quality which is crystal clear. The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) allows you to record high definition images from your HD camera. HD-CCTV recorders offer full high definition 1080P images to CCTV users. Clearer quality allows you to see finer details from further away and offer excellent clarity on footage and stills. All with the capability of storing full HD 1080P images.

Manageability — The systems we install give you the ability to access and view real-time and stored files from any location in the world via mobile apps and remote clouds via an Internet connection). The images are clear and with many systems there are infra-red emitters which allow monitoring and viewing in darkness.

Expanding Capabilities— As the industry expands the capabilities of Video surveillance features via portals such as remote video apps, analytics tools and location searches etc. A new HD CCTV system will offer a range of functions immediately, but also will be able to cost-effectively accept new innovations as they happen.
The move to HD CCTV will help optimise your business efficiency, reduce costs and increase your customers’ satisfaction and safety.

Great reasons to invest in a smart solution from www.suresecure.co.uk