5 Ways to Safeguard Your Home during Renovations

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5 Ways to Safeguard Your Home during Renovations

Planning to build a new house? Or planning to renovate your house? There is plenty of preparation and work that needs to be done prior to and after the construction or renovation of the house. At the time of construction, shifting of a house is a very daunting task. It drains your energy and time way too much. To be honest, if we divide the stages into two parts, the time during the construction and time after that, the part we love is the after one, Right? It is the time when all the work is finished and completed.

But let us inform you that the stage which you dislike the most, i.e. the time consumed in the renovation of the house, this is the time loved most by the criminals, thieves, robbers, pocket pickers, and intruders. They love the time of construction and renovation of the house, as this is the best time to peep into the house and get a handsome amount. The surprising part is that the homeowners themselves offer a handful of opportunities to the intruders to come in and easily accomplish their goals.  It is easily understandable, that already the homeowners are burdened with work and it takes away their minds from smart security practices. Therefore there are the most common yet major mistakes that the homeowner commits during construction or renovation.

Security Cameras are the best option to safeguard your belongings. High quality, high sound quality, waterproof, high resolution, high definition, high megapixel, dust resistance, etc. Sure Secure features the best and high tech cameras at the most affordable rates. We have been serving Windsor, Berkshire, and London and the surrounding areas for the last many years. Without wasting much time lets us see, what should be done to keep your house protected at the time of renovation.

  1. Keep a Count on the Number of Workers

The most common mistake the homeowners make that, they do not know about the number of workers at the site. You must be having the workers depending on the size and scope of your work. Therefore you should know their names and faces so any intervention of an intruder can be detected. Make only one door available for their entrance and exist so you know about who goes and came in.

  1. Keep Doors and Window Locked

Another basic mistake made by the homeowners of unlocking the windows and doors unnecessarily. Prior to the works start; it should be instructed to the workers about the doors and windows to be locked when not in use. Open doors and windows offer a path for intruders to come in. It is your home you should not forget to check whether they are locked or not.

  1. Shut Down or Secure Your Holes

During this time of an hour, all the holes or entrance should either be shut down or secured. Intruders try to find such holes to peep into the house.

  1. Secure Your Borders

Make it difficult for the intruder to gain access to your house by securing your borders with all the best possibilities. Use fences, locked gates, motion activated lights, and video surveillance systems to keep your home protected. Your property is your responsibility.

  1. Keep it secured with Security Cameras

All the material of your construction should be kept in a separate location or area that is under security systems including CCTV surveillance and alarms. So any intrusion or disturbance can be noticed and further action can be taken.