4k CCTV Installer

With technology moving forward at a speed of a bullet train, it would be wise to say that the ultra HD CCTV cameras would soon become a budget-accessible surveillance solution, and with the Sure Secure’s exceptional 4K CCTV range, the assumptions have indeed tasted reality up to some level.
These days, 4K has become a buzz word, always humming in the world of CCTV technology and why not, the peace of mind, dependability, reliability and level of security its impressive picture quality is lending to the home and business owners is a revolution itself.

4K Surveillance systems provide the most stellar, error-less and sharpest security around as compared to its traditional counterparts

4K CCTV Cameras are capable of recording images of 1080p HD quality.

One can pick up ant-like small details in the video recorded in 8MP to 12MP chips.

The 3840 x 2160 pixels to 4096 x 2160 pixels pack in 4 times more details in the shots than the normal CCTV surveillance cameras offering a resolution of 704 x 480 at best.

The technology advanced image sensors captures clear images and records videos even in the low light setting.
The high frame rate of up to a level of 30 frames per second captures fast moving objects with equal clarity.

For clients looking forward to either upgrading or setting up a new security system around their residential or business premises, 4K CCTV is the best among the lot. Assisting you at every step to secure your location with the dependable, reliable and robust CCTV system is the UK’s leading 4K CCTV Installer –Sure Secure.
Sure Secure offers integrative home, commercial and industrial CCTV solutions to its clients in the major parts of the UK. From the location analysis, video surveillance design, system installation, operations training to post set up maintenance services, our professionals are there to help you at every step. Our 4K CCTV range is handpicked and sourced from some of the leading manufacturers of the security industry like Serage, Videoteknika, Fermax, Hikvision, Texecom, Verox, and Visonic designed to offer you the level of security, clarity and reliability that you always wished for.

Wider Area Coverage: The 3840×2160 pixels resolution enables the 4K CCTV camera to capture images and record videos with a dependable level of detail with no loss in quality and vision which is extremely suitable for securing spaces like parking lots, warehouses, manufacturing units, production plants and other public places.
Real-time/ Post-event Analysis: From the real-time monitoring to after incident evidence picking, the crystal clear images will allow you with the solid proofs to prosecute the guilty. The zoom in feature enables the ultra-expansion of the recorded images without compromising the quality.
Records Fast Moving Objects: The guilty will not be saved no matter how far he/she has run or how fast his/her vehicle is moving because our professional 4K CCTV installers will strategically place the cameras around your location so that they can pick each and every detail in the fine detail.
Are you ready to secure your home or business with the best in class 4K CCTV cameras? Then, Sure Secure is the leading 4K CCTV installer in the UK to provide you with the most exceptional services at a fraction of a cost.





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