Sure Secure offering full-service surveillance security cameras and monitoring systems providing company in the United Kingdom covering town Windsor, County Berkshire and capital city London. Our years of extensive experience in the security industry have enabled us to roll out professional installation, remote monitoring and maintenance services as well. Our services range from 4K and 1080p CCTV cameras, video surveillance cameras, intruder alarms, and 4K UHD LED Monitors. Our pool of experienced and highly trained knowledgeable staff will guide and assist you in every step so that you can choose the right and appropriate security system for your residential as well as commercialproperty.

Sure Secure serves its security systems services and installation solutions to a wide client base covering residential property owners, homeowners, commercial real estate property management companies and business owners in Windsor, Berkshire and London. With years of experience in our pockets of servicing more than 1000 properties and buildings, Sure Secure is protecting the homes and making the environment terror free by providing its unprecedented and shrewd installation services of both indoor and outdoor 4K and 1080p CCTV cameras, video surveillance cameras, and intruder alarms. Our team here at Sure Secure with its extraordinary services is also helping property management agencies and business owners that are primarily into handling and managing real estate reduce the constant fear of theft, and vandalism, while maintaining their profits.
With analogue CCTV cameras, HD surveillance camera and now the 4K version, technology has truly advanced for the better. We can’t thank the creators of 4K enough for their greatest contribution to the community. Though analogue and HD camera fulfils the carbon copy purpose of recording the live feed of the surroundings of where it is installed, the picture quality and details bear a drastic difference. A conventional analogue camera supports up to 400,000 pixels, HD nearly 1,000,000- 4,000,000, while a 4K CCTV camera supports over 8,000,000 pixels (or 8MP). By having an HD or 4K CCTV installed at your home or business property, you can have access to much clearer, high quality and detailed video recordings that will allow you to zoom in as much as you require and identify the culprits easily.
If you are looking forward to having Sure Secure as your 4K CCTV installation partner, we will assure that our team of trained and licensed installation experts will make sure that you have opted for the right CCTV camera for your needs and that your security system has been installed right in the first go so that it can effectively dissuade, discern and document unwanted intruders. Make your 4K CCTV a worthy investigation tool by having us as your installation partner.





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