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Don't wait to have the latest and most stylish wireless system installed in your home or business.

  • With nearly 15 years of experience in the security industry, Sure Secure provides a speedy, professional, and top quality wireless intruder alarm installation service to customers across London and the surrounding area.


  • We offer a professional service, and custom design your system according to your requirements and budget.
  • In homes and businesses both wired and wireless alarm systems.

Apart from mains power and optional phone/broadband connection our systems are completely wire free.

  • No wires, no mess, no fuss!
  • Uses radio military encryption with up to 400-metre range (not Wi-Fi) with up to 8 year battery life.

The easier your security is to use, the more you will use it!
Whether swiping the arming station with a swipe tag

  • Pressing a single button on the remote control
  • Making a phone call or sending a text or using the App/internet
  • Arming and disarming your system has never been easier

Give yourself or your employees peace of mind with a Sure Secure intruder alarm. Here at Sure Secure, we are dedicated to providing an efficient, quality and friendly service, backed up by over a decade of professional experience in the security industry. We install intruder alarms Berkshire and Windsor wide, keeping businesses, homes and a whole variety of customers safe.

A burglary can be devastating. Sadly, these days it's very easy to become a victim of crime. Criminals know the old security systems and have the tricks and know-how to bypass them. House break-ins are a common danger, but also an avoidable one. The safety and security of your family and home should be paramount. For peace of mind, you need a top quality, modern burglar alarm system.

Here at Sure Secure, we offer the latest and most stylish alarms for your home or business. They come wired or wireless, depending on your choice. Our alarms use radio military encryption with up to 400-metre range. Don't rely on Wi-Fi! It's unsafe and vulnerable. We offer the most secure option. With up to eight years' battery life, you won't find a more reliable alarm system on the market. All you need is mains power and an optional phone or broadband connection and you're off! Security and peace of mind at last.

We pride ourselves on our many years of experience in the security industry. You can depend on us to give you a speedy, professional and top quality wireless alarm system installation. Our services are available to customers across London and the surrounding area, so don't delay!

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We'll tailor our packages around your requirements and budget. You'll receive a custom-designed system that meets your specific security needs. Our security systems are convenient and easy to use - you'll be able to arm/disarm your alarm with the push of a button. Be secure! Get a high quality burglar alarm installation today. Call us now for a free quote and site survey on 0203 916 5860.

There's no other name for trusted, dependable and durable wireless intruder alarms Windsor properties rely on. Speak to us today about your needs!